The angel number 327 explains that peace will make you strive towards resolution rather than worrying and being in distress. This sparked my creation of a spiritual jewelry line. In order to embrace new beginnings you have to start being empathetic towards situations life throws at you. Three2Seven symbolizes that a new chapter in your life is about to begin. In this new journey it is important to feel inspired and be your true self, I hope my earrings help you to celebrate your blessings to come. 

Three2Seven specializes in ​gold plated jewelry​. Gold plated is a form of jewelry plating, but specifically with gold as the layer on the outside. The thickness of the gold layer on the outside of gold plated jewelry can vary greatly. ​To gold plate something, the item is dipped into a solution that contains gold or a gold-colored alloy. The item is then shot with an electric current and the resulting electrochemical reaction deposits a thin layer of gold to the outside of the base metal.​ ​Gold jewelry​ can tend to be very expensive, ​gold plated jewelry​ is the solution to this problem! Gold plated jewelry gives the outward appearance of ​gold jewelry​, without the crazy cost! It is also a good substitute for ​solid gold jewelry ​because it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. Using gold plated instead of solid or filled allows our brand to keep up with the new accessory trends as well as keep our prices low for our lovely customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shower while wearing the jewelry?

~Getting the accessories wet will not harm the metal itself, however it can reduce the shine therefore it is not recommended.

Does gold plated jewelry last long?

~On average, gold-plated pieces can last for several years. Of course this depends on how well the owner takes care of it.